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Some lenders are reluctant to get in the mix with SBA loans. They worry about getting bogged down by time-consuming paperwork and meticulous criteria, and they certainly don’t want to lose a client who gets frustrated with their loan approval taking longer than they anticipated.

However, this should not be the case.

Dealing with the SBA is about experience, and it’s about trust.  Trust that the borrower and the loan have been extensively vetted – experience in knowing what will need to be hand-checked before submission, preventing days (if not weeks) of costly delays.  Just like any attentive business, the SBA wants to know that due diligence has been done before the paperwork gets to their inbox, and they need to be assured that the parties that they get involved with are sound and ready to work together to the benefit of everybody involved.

Capital Growth Solutions – the Gold Standard of SBA LSP’s – is a provider of that assurance. With more than a century of direct SBA loan experience under our roof, we have a knowledge of the process that is totally unmatched by any other lender service provider, and we have the expertise to turn dealing with the SBA from a frustration into one of the most profitable partnerships that your organization may have. We work closely with you throughout the whole process to make sure that the loan isn’t just filed; it’s taken care of. The following are the five steps of the loan process and how we can help to guide you through it.


We aid in packaging the loan, putting together a comprehensive request on the behalf of the applicant and assuring that all necessary SBA documentation is compiled and fulfilled. With our knowledge and time-tested expertise on your side, together we can complete the packaging process quickly, and with minimal interference.


We work with the lender to effectively pre-screen, structure, underwrite, and submit all applications to the SBA on the lender’s behalf (after the lender’s approval).  Our strong ongoing relationship with the SBA expedites this process, which results in quicker returns for you and for the applicant.



LBL directs the closing of the approved loan by coordinating with lenders, applicants, and all third parties.

LBL also handles the sale of the loan (if requested by the lender), and the preparation of sale documents, if necessary.


Our post-closure services include fulfillment of monthly reporting (SBA form 1502), a review of the Lender’s credit policies regarding SBA loans along with a 30-day review of the closed loan file, and any and all other servicing actions over the life of the loan.


Exercising and documenting prudent lending practices throughout a work-out or liquidation is critical in order for the SBA to honor its guaranty. Capital Growth Solutions will advise on all aspects of servicing, assist the lender in liquidation and litigative actions, as well as assemble and submit the SBA Guaranty Purchase Request Packages.  For the lender’s loans that were closed prior to partnering with CGS, we will identify and attempt to correct file deficiencies to ensure the best possible outcome with the SBA.

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