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LEVERAGE Business Lending

Outsourced SBA Lending

LEVERAGE Business Lending was established to be a loan service provider, which assists in the packaging, underwriting, closing, and servicing of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. By teaming with LEVERAGE Business Lending, credit unions gain access to experienced SBA loan processing and servicing operations that allows them to reap the benefits of SBA lending without any additional infrastructure.

Here is what SBA loans can do for you:

• In a period of tightening lending margins, participation in the SBA loan programs increases net interest
margins and fee income.
• SBA commercial loans can reduce risk both through low LTVs (504 loans) and the guaranty of the federal government (7(a) loans). Credit unions will be making sound commercial loans at improved margins.
• Guaranteed funds from the SBA (75-90 percent of the total loan amount) do not count towards the regulatory MBL cap.
• In a period when some financial institutions are shrinking their market share, due to additional perceived risk in commercial loans, credit unions can actually increase market share by providing SBA loans.

LEVERAGE Business Lending


What we

  1. Preparation of SBA documents
  2. Augmenting the credit union’s existing credit memorandum
  3. Submitting applications on the credit union’s behalf to SBA
  4. Closing the approved loan
  5. Sale of the loan (if requested by credit union)
  6. Preparation of sale documents (SBA form 1086)
  7. Monthly reporting (SBA form 1502)
  8. Review of credit union policies regarding SBA loans
  9. 30-day review of closed loan file
  10. Preparation of SBA liquidation file (30 days after closing)
  11. Annual review of documentation for compliance (3 months after year-end)
  12. Any servicing actions over the life of the loan
  13. Supervision and coordination of collections/liquidation

SBA Loan

• Earn significant fee income
• Achieve deposit growth
• Increase loyalty
• Reduce loan portfolio concentration
• Utilize variable rate pricing
• Grow membership

Services We Provide

Covered in these areas


We aid in packaging the loan, putting together a comprehensive request on the behalf of the applicant.


We work with the lender to effectively pre-screen, structure, underwrite, and submit all applications to the SBA…


CGS directs the closing of the approved loan by coordinating with lenders, applicants, and all third parties.


Our post-closure services include fulfillment of monthly reporting (SBA form 1502), a review of the Lender’s credit policies and more…


Exercising and documenting prudent lending practices throughout a work-out or liquidation is critical in order for the SBA to honor its guaranty.

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